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The Kabbalah Life Analysis

The name Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew word QBL meaning 'an oral tradition', the esoteric and mystical division of Judaism and means "to receive". Kabbalah is "The Book of Wisdom and Life". This knowledge has been handed down for thousands of years and was considered esoteric doctrine. These secrets were recently acknowledged and the content was revealed. This ancient esoteric doctrine about the human life and the entire Creation is now decoded and can give you many answers regarding your deep, inner psychological questions.

Congratulations that you decided to be interested in your inner soul!

The Kabbalah Life Analysis will enable you to get to know the sense of your life and the personal life's work your soul has chosen. Hasn't that been your wish for a long time? Based on the knowledge of Kabbalah and with this magnificent new work a personal analysis of your life can be created.

Through your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis

What does your soul want?

Your soul wants you to grow mentally and become complete so you can lead a truly healthy life. We know that the evil of any illness has it's origin in our wrong and negative thinking. Our soul has chosen certain tasks and wants to grow by completing them. The soul wants to achieve this goal by every means. If not succeeding, the soul will attract attention on physical level and will tell you: "You are doing something wrong!". If you would like to know your own goal of life, your personal tasks of life and if you would like to know how and on what parts of your body your soul indicates that you are doing something wrong, then you are in the right place to achieve cognition and knowledge.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a central picture of Kabbalah which has been handed down for ages. It is the diagram of the mental and creative powers in the universe and shows how these powers are combined. The tenfold structure of the sephirot in the Tree of Life symbolizes the elemental force of the cosmos and represents the divine energies which effects the entire universe and therefore human beings and their souls. With the methods of this analysis we are able to find exact statements regarding the life tasks of a person. This is a sample picture of a Kabbalah Tree of Life.

In this Life Analysis the Tree of Life refers to 3 fundamental statements. The themes of your life are calculated by your first name, maiden name and date of birth. First of all it tells you the original theme of your life which shows you the reason of your current incarnation. Then it tells you about the theme of transformation which shows you how to approach your life's tasks and how to work with them. The personal strengths named in the Tree of Life are very helpful for you. You will also learn about cosmic influences which prompt or prevent you from doing certain actions. Last but not least, you will get to know about your life goal which shows you how your soul wants to develop and which tasks your soul has set to achieve. All these themes want to guide you through your life. Those are your life's paths which you should follow.

The Kabbalah Energy Picture

The Kabbalah Energy Picture is used for the readings of your life tasks. The basic idea of this picture is: Before incarnation the soul has chosen certain tasks for this life which it wants to learn and fulfill. Therefore the human being receives energies in order to fulfill these tasks. Every person has the free will to decide whether he wants to learn or do certain things or not. For these cases the soul sends warning signals to our body which can be physical or psychological trouble or illness. Our soul indicates our mistakes and what we are doing wrong in life. This is a sample of an Kabbalah energy picture. This is a sample of an Kabbalah energy picture.

With this picture an instruction for your life can be created where you can read about your tasks and your warning signals. You get the energy for each task in your life. If you start accomplishing these tasks and use your energy the right way, your soul will be satisfied. If you do not accomplish your life tasks the right way, a life of suffering will lay ahead of you and will indicate trouble in certain parts of your body where the unused energies become noticeable in a disturbing way. This is where you feel the trouble or illness. In this part of your body you can feel your soul telling you: "You are doing something wrong"! In the Kabbalah Energy Picture you can find what you are doing wrong, especially which task you haven't fulfilled. As soon as you start accomplishing a task, the warning signal and the physical or psychological trouble in your body will disappear.

All that can be indicated and calculated from your first name, your maiden name and your date of birth. You will be very positively surprised and you will receive important knowledge. You will then be able to solve your tasks very consciously and successfully. With the Kabbalah Life Analysis many people have found their true way of life and have recognized which tasks they have to accomplish in this life and what their soul really wants.

You will profit greatly from the Kabbalah Life Analysis and it will show you how you can mentally grow and become and remain a healthy person.

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